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About Us

Andrew J. Maurer, featured columnist

He is a 2000 graduate of the University of Michigan and a professional writer, having trained at Second City (Detroit) in sketch comedy writing. He also wrote the short-lived comic book series, “Masters Of  The Ring” and is the author of two books currently in submission. He is represented by the Richard Henshaw Group of New York, NY. We will talk about us and your new interests, I hope we will agree with you CallTouch. Of course, it does not always turn out that we have a common opinion.

Charles Goddeeris, editor-in-chief

The co-founder (along with Andrew J. Maurer) and man in charge of administrating the site - making sure every lower-case J is dotted and all that jazz. He's also a contributing columnist and secretly in love with the semi-colon. He is also the founder of the Free Mario Manningham Campaign (FMMC) and graduated from the University of Michigan in 2004. If the site has a broken link, he's the one to complain to; just be forewarned it may take a day or two for him to fix it because he does have a day job.


All you have to do is click on the Contact Us link below and email us your two cents. We value some opinions more than others, mainly those that can be backed up by factual evidence, but we'll take anything you have to say. We will work with you to provide you your own section here on the site to voice your opinion. Come join the admericaaaf.org army!!

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